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The European NCI compounds programme, a joint initiative of the EORTC Research Branch, Cancer Research Campaign and the US National Cancer Institute, was initiated in 1993. The objective was to ... S. Camporesi. For the first time, was organized the meeting in winter 2009 Pharmacology and molecular mechanisms (PAMM) in connection with the EGAM (EORTC group Meeting) in Brussels.Furthermore, the PAMM participated in an additional plenary session together with the Pathobiology, group (PBG) and the functional imaging Group during the EGAM itself, where the laboratory research Division (LRD ... EORTC PAMM GROUP Meeting From the 27th to 30th january 2010 OBJECTIVES The 31st Annual EORTC-PAMM Group Meeting will be held 28 - 30 January 2010 in Toulouse, France. The main topic of the meeting will be "Treatment Individualization" and will focus on the different groups of anticancer agents, ... PAMM – EORTC group . ... 2010 Tumor Ecosystem recognition . Organ origins Pathological subtypes Differentiation Proliferation (mitoses/Ki67) Hormone dependency Tumor analysis Treatment selection Higher probability of efficacy Minimal approaches for treatment selection . An increasing number of manuscripts focus on the in vitro evaluation of established and novel anti-tumor agents in experimental models. Whilst the design of such in vitro assays is inherently flexible, some of these studies lack the minimum information necessary to critically evaluate their relevance or have been carried out under unsuitable conditions.

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